Dentist Prices in the UK

UK Dentist Prices

Dentistry in the UK is available on the NHS (in England, Wales and Scotland), but you have to find an NHS dentist first, and then you have to somehow persuade them to sign you onto their books....

Even then you still have to pay for the dental work, but the price is often a lot cheaper than if you went for fully private work. The dental prices below give an indication of typical dentist prices in the UK, and allow you to compare the difference between NHS prices and Private dentist prices.

UK Dentist Price Summary

UK Dental Work UK Private Dentist (£) UK NHS Price (£)
Apiectomy £400 £204
Metal Braces £1200 £204
Bridge £550  
Cancellation Fees £30  
Gold Dental Crown £400 £204
Examination £60 £17
Full set of Dentures £550 £204
Hygiene Clean (scale and polish) £60  
Dental Implants £1300  
Large Non White Tooth Filling £100 £47
Root Canal £400 £204
Tooth Removal £150 £47
Small Tooth Filling £76 £47
Veneer £350  
Wisdom Tooth Extraction £178  
X-ray £28  


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