Toothache Abroad

Anyone who has ever experienced toothache is aware of the agony and depression that toothache brings. Toothache might be as excruciating as an appendix pain may be. It is not like a slight headache that can be carried for hours without medication. Often it is so excruciatingly painful that you can’t ignore it for a moment. This is the situation in which you find yourself if you are at home in familiar and friendly circumstances. Just think if you were away from your home country or home town and had a toothache? It will certainly add insult to injury. Whether you are on a business trip, study tour or just enjoying a vacation abroad, toothache is going to ruin your tour. As can be concluded from above toothache is the worst pain to have abroad.

Avoid Toothache in the First Place!

The best thing to avoid toothache abroad is that you take all precautionary measures to ensure that you don’t experience it during your tour. If you find slightest of signs of an infected tooth, you must postpone your trip and get an appointment with your dentist to fix that problem before going somewhere. It is recommended that you don’t ignore the pain in tooth; never think that you could ignore that pain during all the exciting events of your trip. Toothache is just a kind of problem that will only aggravate with time. Also make sure that you have with you the prescribed pain killer with you in case of any eventuality.

Increased Risks of Getting Toothache When on Holiday

Barometric pressure makes you more susceptible to toothache if you are flying in airplane. Your ears will pop with the increase in height into the atmosphere which can be harmful to your teeth in two ways. First, if you have a pre-existing sinus problem then the pressure will accumulate into your jaws from your ears that certainly can cause toothache. Secondly, if you have some dental work done recently, then due to height atmospheric pressure can cause your new incision to bleed. So make sure that you take enough time to heal your bruises before you fly.

You should try to avoid eating foods that can possibly cause toothache. One of the examples of such foods is popcorn, and extremely cold foods or drinks are risky as well.
It is always good to have your dental tools with you like tooth brush, toothpaste and floss. While many air traveling companies don’t allow you to take toothpaste with you, you can certainly keep some baking soda with you as an alternative and try to purchase toothpaste as soon as you can after reaching your destination.

Treating Toothache whilst abroad

While all of these preventive measures usually work well, what if you still experience toothache abroad? There are numerous first aid type of remedial measures you can take. First of all rinse you mouth gently and thoroughly with warm water. Then use your dental floss to locate and remove any food particles that are wedged between your teeth.

You can try some painkiller like aspirin. Tylenol is an even better choice if you have severe toothache. But while you can use these pain killers liberally according to your need, you must be very careful that you don’t put them directly to gums as these can burn your gum tissue. These pain killers are not only possible remedy for your tooth pain but also for any other pain you can experience.

There are other things as well that you can apply directly to your pain area. Any antiseptic containing Benzocaine will numb that area and work fine in relieving the pain. Similarly oil of cloves (Eugenol) may also be helpful in reducing pain when applied to teeth and gum.

For those toothaches that don’t originate in the gum or teeth, you could use some antibiotic to eliminate the infection and get some relief. Sinus infection is one good example that can cause toothache from outside by putting pressure on your jaws. Apart from antibiotic you can also get some relief by steaming your face or eating some hot sauce to clear the sinus temporarily.

If your teeth are temperature sensitive, then obviously you should avoid too cold or hot drinks. In extremely cold weather it is a good practice to breathe through your nose. It will avoid the cold air flowing over the teeth that can cause a lot of pain.

Another very common practice that could increase the toothache is lying down straight for taking rest. While it is good to take some rest when you feel severe toothache, but lying down straight actually increases the blood pressure in the head and face which could increase the pain. It is important that you keep your head up in bed with a pillow or better sit in some easy chair.

Only a Dentist can really cure toothache

Despite all these remedial measures for toothache abroad, you may still need to see some dentist. If you have swelling, red gums or foul tasting discharge, or your pain persists for more than a couple of days, or you get fever with toothache or have trouble swallowing or breathing, you should find some dentist and get the professional treatment.


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