Dentist Prices in the USA

The table below shows examples entries we've had giving typical prices charged by private dentists in the USA. This table is generated by USA citizens filling in our pricing forms to tell us how much their dental procedures cost. Please take the time to fill in this dentist prices form to help us to improve the accuracy of our database.

Note that private dentist prices and charges can vary widely, and just because a private dentist 's price is high doesn't necassarily mean you are being ripped off, you might well be getting very high quality dental work. Like wise a very cheap dentist may still be providing high quality private dental care, but at a lower price. Preventative dentistry is better than cure, both in terms of how hard it hits your wallet and how much it hurts! Ideally you should visit your dentist every 6-12 months for a check up.

Table of USA dental Prices

Dental work required Type Average Price
Apiectomy $797
Braces Invisalign $6000
Braces Metal $1033
Bridge $687
Cancellation fee $40
Combined Treatments $440
Dental Bonding $500
Dental Crown Composite $597
Dental Crown Gold $598
Dental Crown Porcelain $1188
Dental Examination $49
Dentures Full $570
Dentures Partial $416
First Consultation $53
Hygiene Clean $126
Implants $1901
Large tooth filling $171
Large tooth filling White $197
Root canal $695
Sedated tooth removal $217
Small tooth filling $175
Small tooth filling White $117
Tooth Extraction $283
Tooth Scale and Polish $42
Veneer $874
Whitening $444
Wisdom tooth extraction $175
X-ray $30


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The cost of dental work depends upon the circumstances and specifics of the job entailed. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how much, for example, a new bridge should cost. The prices above are guidelines only. Just because an actual price is slightly more or less doesn't mean you are getting 'ripped off'. Note also that some dental work is subjective. One dentist may recommend a new bridge whilst another may suggest you'll be better off without one. If in doubt get a second opinion - if possible.


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