Dentist Prices in Philippines

All dentists in the Philippines must be a member of The Philippine Dental Association in order to practice dentistry in the Philippines, so do check that your dentist is a member before allowing them to give you an dental treatment.

Dentist Prices in Philippines

All prices are given in US Dollars, one USD is approximately 43 Philippine Peso’s

Dental work required Type Average Price
Bridge $350
Dental Crown Gold $700
Dental Crown Porcelain $1000
Dental Examination $20
Dentures Partial $450
Implants $1000
Root canal $150
Small tooth filling $30
Veneer $300
Whitening $415
X-ray $60

If you are going on holiday to the Philippines then you will find that the cost of dental treatment is much lower than that in countries like the UK, Canada, United States, or most countries in Europe. If you ensure that your dentist is a member of the Philippine dental association and thoroughly do your research before you go to the Philippines then you should be able to get top quality dental care at a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

Historically dental practice started more than a hundred years ago in the Philippines with a handful of dentists setting up in the Capital, but it wasn’t until after the Japanese occupation of 1942-1945 that dental practices improved significantly. In 1948 a new Philippine Dental Law which set down specific requirements for the study and practice of Dentistry. Since then the practice of dentistry has grown significantly in the Philippines.


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