Dentist Prices in Canada

Canadian Dentist Prices

Canada boasts one of the best health services in the World, and certainly has one of the best free universal health services.

Unfortunately this health service does not stretch to Dentistry, so you do need to pay for Canadian dental services unless you qualify for a variety of social benefits including disability allowance.

Here are some example prices of dentist prices in Canada, if you have had dental treatment in Canada please let us know via the form below how much you paid and we will publish it.

All dentist prices are in Canadian dollars

Dental work required Type Average Price
Braces Invisalign $7249
Dental Bonding $450
Dental Crown Gold $1425
Dental Crown Porcelain $1625
Large tooth filling White $325
Root canal $800
Small tooth filling $80
Small tooth filling White $200
Veneer $1750

Please submit your own prices using the form below:

This is optional, but it will help others, please explain the treatment you underwent in your own words.


*Canadian Dentistry is overseen by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB)*

Dental Veneers Porcelain -$1000 to $2,500

Composite Veneers - $250 to $1500 (per tooth)

Dental Crowns Porcelain - $1000 to $2,250 (per crown)

Dental Crowns Gold - $850 to $2,000 (per crown)

Composite Fillings for a single tooth surface - $150 to $250

Composite Fillings for a two surfaces - $250 to $450

Composite Fillings for a three surfaces - $300 to $500

Amalgam fillings will be cheaper, as low as $80 for simple fillings.

Dental Bonding - $300 to $1600.

Invisalign Braces - $5000 to $8,000


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