Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser has emerged as the most powerful treatment tool against a wide variety of diseases. In the field of dentistry, laser teeth whitening has proved to be a miracle and has become the number 1 choice of the folks intending to have shinning white teeth. The main reason for its growing popularity is its fast results. If presence of teeth in the mouth has something to do more than chewing with your face, this is the finest technique to boost your smile.

How does it work?

  1. Teeth cleaning.

The first step in this process is the cleansing the pearly whites. This step is very important because the germs and plaque within the teeth can widely affect the whitening procedure.

The current condition of the teeth greatly affects the upshots of the treatment. For this reason, dentists consider it the first and foremost thing to do before employing laser teeth whitening. 

  1. Teeth whitening gel

After thorough cleaning, the dentist will apply a whitening gel similar to toothpaste on your teeth. Soon after the gel treatment, you will be laid down and positioned in order to start the laser beam treatment.

The use of laser enhances the bleaching modus operandi for the whitening gel. With laser, the gel can take hours to penetrate into the pores of your teeth. The laser invokes the components of the gel which instantly come into action and show result in fraction of second.

If the discoloration is severe, the desired outcomes may not be attainable in a single procedure. The individuals are advised to have some more visits for treatment in order to attain the desired coloring and shine of the teeth.

Slight discoloration usually diminishes with a single treatment; a second treatment may be advised if required.

Financial Implications of Laser Teeth Whitening

It can be strongly expected that laser teeth whitening will cost you a bit higher than other traditional teeth whitening methods. Most of the dentists charge the complete fee in advance; however some dental clinics facilitate you to pay the expense in installments. The total cost of the procedure sounds quite high, but, if you accumulate the total cost incurred on different teeth whitening remedies you have been using, you will be surprised to know that you have paid much less as compared to those remedies and have got more.

The cost of laser teeth whitening varies as you go for different medical centers and dentists performing such procedures. If you want to go for the best available package, you should spend some time to search it out through different sources. you can easily find a large number of clinics and dentists offering various dental treatments including laser teeth whitening, to choose the best one, go through all of them to learn thoroughly that what they are offering and at what they are offering and at what price.

Once you decide on restoring that bright white smile, you can manage to create a budget for it. Right after viewing the outcomes, you will be happy with the thought that you have made the best use of your hard-earned earning.

How Laser Teeth Whitening Works

Laser projects highly concentrated beams of energy into the surface. This energy converts the moisture content under the teeth, bone or skin into steam and burns or cuts the substance. Dental treatments like fillings and crowns have no moisture contents, so they are not affected by the energy of the laser.

Erbium Lasers

Erbium lasers employ the use of Erbium pulses that remove layer of substances on the surface of the material on which they are projected. This is the probably the most suitable method for the hard materials like teeth and bones because it can easily remove the surface layers without causing any damage to the material underneath. Since this type of laser doesn’t penetrate deep into the surface, it is very precise. Often it is possible to treat the patient without any anesthesia Erbium laser can also be used for the treatment of soft tissues and gums but some other options are more precise for this as compared to the Erbium laser treatment.

CO2 Lasers

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser treatment uses a special kind of energy called the proprietary hollow wavelength that removes the surface layers of bones, teeth and tissues. This laser treatment is popular due to its level of absorbency that makes it ideal for the treatments and procedures where deep cuts are required e.g. gums. Dentist likes this technique because it provides deep, clean and precise cuts without any bleeding. Cosmetic dentist use it to control bleeding.

Diode Laser Technology

It is a unique laser teeth whitening technique that makes use of special components made of GsAIAs crystals with a fine thread that projects its energy. This is an ideal laser teeth whitening technique used by dentists for the treatment of gums and oral tissues because of its superiorly precise cuts without putting any harm to the surrounding areas.


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