Inman Aligners

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Misaligned teeth’ is a common problem with most of people.  Not only the adults, but the infants have also been found with misaligned milk teeth. There are various treatments available for this problem but aligners and braces are the most common and popular among all alternatives.

Inman aligners are used as an alternative to the ordinary Invisalign braces.  They work to shift or straighten the misaligned teeth into a desired place. They are more popular because they can achieve more movement of teeth and work best on the lower and upper front teeth.

What is the difference between Inman aligners and the Invisalign brace?

Invisalign are made of purely transparent material (usually plastic) whereas Inman aligners use a semi-transparent material. Another major difference is of the metal bar running across the front of teeth.

This device works by a ‘pull/push’ mechanism: there is a metal spring on the lingual side i-e on the inner side of the teeth and a metal bar stretching across the front of teeth. Both parts (spring and bar) exert pressure to bring the teeth into correct position using the ‘pull/push’ action.

There are many benefits associated with this type of aligners that one can enjoy using Invisalign system such as reduced treatment and removability that makes it easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, they can be adjusted as and when required.  

Advantages of Inman Aligners

When compared to other braces, we come to know that Inman aligners share many advantages of Invisalign system plus its own benefits. Their largest advantage is the short treatment period of two to three months beating invisible and traditional braces by a huge margin. This procedure will neither affect your lifestyle nor will any self-consciousness last for a long while. Inman aligners are removable just like ordinary Invisalign. This feature eradicates the limitations of access to your teeth and maintaining oral hygiene; Inman aligners allow you to clean and floss your teeth in a natural way.  This treatment costs less as compared to the invisible braces and only a single aligner works well for the duration.

Disadvantages of Aligners

Invisalign is purely made up of plastic that makes it invisible in the oral region whereas the Inman aligners constitute a metal or plastic bar running across the front of the teeth, makes it visible like ordinary braces. These aligners do not work well for many dental problems because they have their own limitations and that’s why they can not be recommended in severe cases. Temporary lisp, slight pain and excessive salivation are some problems to start with but they are more related to most orthodontic treatments.  Personal responsibility plays a vital role in treatment of any malady; the more the patient wears the aligners, the faster he gets the results.

How much you need to pay for Inman aligner?

This cost of this brace is less as compared to the Invisalign system but it has its own limitations. The lower price reflects these limitations.

There are several factors that affect the cost of these braces but the major factors are the clinic of the orthodontist, facilities at the clinic, the extent of the treatment and the orthodontist himself. According to a rough estimate, you can need to pay £ 1,250 to £ 2,500.

The procedure

The process is quite similar to those of other type of brace. In the initial step, you need to consult your orthodontist.  You will pass through a complete examination by the orthodontist before he/she takes any x-ray of your mouth.  He will take your tooth impression on a putty filled mould. This mould helps the designer during the process of forming a cast for your teeth. The brace will be fitted into your mouth as soon as it becomes ready. Now one thing can come to your mind that ‘will I feel comfortable with them?’  Of course! You will definitely feel uncomfortable for a couple of days or so but after that, you will become used to and won’t feel any kind of difficulty with them. The most common problem that people face with these aligners is that they find change in their speaking and salivating pattern. They tend to produce more saliva but after a week, these problems remain no longer.

What is the treatment duration?

Since Inman aligners are used for the treatment of a serious dental problem, this does take some time to make good. Bringing the teeth into a normal alignment is a slow process and it normally takes 6 to 16 weeks. To some people, it may sound as 4-months, but this duration is far less than one taken by ordinary invisible brace which take up to 24 weeks. Moreover, the results shown by Inman aligners are better than other ordinary aligners and brace.

If you find that Inman aligners will not suite you, you can choose among from 6-month braces, Invisalign braces, invu brace or lingual brace.


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