Dental Implants

These implants are a long-term dental replacement technique quite different from the ordinary dental replacement methods in which the maxillofacial and oral surgeons surgically place the teeth in oral cavity.

Getting Dental Implants

Studies reveal that almost 69% American adults with ages ranging from 35-45 have lost one or more permanent teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay or some accident. By the age of 70, 24% of adults are those who lost permanent teeth altogether.

Beyond the ordinary dental replacement techniques, implants have emerged as a revolutionary technique in the field of dental treatments. As other techniques rest on the gums such as removable dentures, anchors, fixed bridges etc., they make embarrassing clicking sound during chewing or speaking. In case of Dental implants, nobody has to face such sort of complications because of durability it ensures.

Dental Implants: Anatomical details

This method is particularly devised to replace single missing tooth. The tooth consists of 3 parts. The first part is a titanium screw that mingles with the jawbone, the second is the abutment that fits above the titanium screw protruding the gum line and the last one is the crown that gives a natural aesthetic to the new tooth.

Many people with single missing tooth often go for the option of fixed bridge which often requires cutting of bits and pieces from adjacent healthier teeth. The bridge might require to be changed for many times till it sets well. On the other hand removable denture may also require disturbing the adjacent teeth but intervention is not severely deep. It has been revealed through studies and practical experience that in more than 30% cases of removable partial dentures and fixed bridges, the adjacent teeth fail within five to seven years.

Another dark side of conventional dentures is that there are chances of removal of some bone around the area with missing teeth with these dentures.  The scenario is different with dental implants. The osteo-integration or fusion of bone and implants provides firmness just like the natural teeth sued to do.

If one is missing more than one tooth in similar area of his mouth, he can still enjoy same spirit of life with confidence due to the benefits of implants. The maxillofacial or oral surgeon can implant as many teeth in the mouth of the patient as are missing. The implants strongly hold the bone and the replacement teeth to avoid any bone loss or slipping and work in an excellent manner.

Conventional dentures vs. dental implants

Implants give a natural look to the person passed through this treatment. People who got dental implant feel more comfortable, confident and satisfied than those who chose removable dentures or fixed bridges. Dentures make people look a few years older than their original age which can make them embarrassed in certain social situations and discomforting with pleasure of everyday eating.

When they reckon the benefits of their implants it definitely gives them pleasure to find that they have eliminated the nuisance and distress of improperly fitted dentures. Dental implants allow the people to take pleasure of varied and healthy diet without any restriction like those with dentures and fixed bridges. They feel a brand new sensation of self-confidence along with active lifestyle. These are the main factors that make the people having implants look better, feel better and live better.

These implants altogether possess best features of dental technology with a unified team approach that encompasses several disciplines. For a successful placement of dental implant, all parties need to be involved; the patient, the dentist who constructs crown for implants, and the maxillofacial and oral surgeon who places the implants surgically and formulates a post-treatment action plan. Everyone in the team needs to in close approximation with all other members to ensure that everyone is doing the right thing to meet up the expectations of the patient.

You can be candidate for implants

Doesn’t matter what demographic group of age you belong to, if you need any dental placement, there must be a implant solution available for you. Dental implants are applicable to all ages excluding the growing children who have not yet grown their permanent teeth and even those who have the following concerns:

There are chances for you to have implants if you are routinely visiting dentist. Though there are some precautions to be followed, people having diabetes or hypertension can also be the successfully survive the procedure of dental implants. 

Smokers. Although smoking reduces the success rate of implants but still implants are favorable for smokers.

Currently Wearing Dentures or Partials.Removable dentures or bridges can be replaced with implants or can be made secure, stable and comfortable.

Loss of bone.  This is common with the people having some kind of periodontal diseases but maxillofacial and oral surgeons are now able to graft the bone for safe and permanent implant.

Gum Diseases.  There is no failure for implants reported yet even with individuals who lost teeth due to decay or some periodontal disease.


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