Dental Fillings

There are many different types of dental fillings which are used by the dentist depending upon the condition of the patient. The dental fillings are done by the dentist to seal or cover the cavity in a tooth in order to eliminate the removal process. There are many different types of fillings and dentist use two major methods of fining and restoration of teeth.

One of these two methods is “Indirect Restoration”, in this method a crown or cap is placed by the dentist on the affected tooth. A Cap or crown is prepared by the dentist, and more than one visit is required in order to complete this process. Firstly the impression of the affected tooth is taken by the dentist and then sent to the laboratory.  The patient is then called again for treatment after the preparation of the tooth cap or cover, and then dentist restore the cap or cover onto teeth and prevent the tooth cavity from germs and any further damage. Second method is “Direct Restoration”, in this process or method the filling material is used to fill the cavity directly. This process only requires a single visit, first the tooth is prepared and then filling material is putted into the empty space of tooth.

There is a huge variety of dental fillings used for the treatment of dental patients; the filling option that suits the patient is selected by the dentist. Dental fillings that are normally used by the dentists are mercury, silver, inorganic and organic acid. Before operating the patient’s dentist first study all the medical history and check out allergies and other notable properties of the patient that can cause problem during the treatment, after detailed study dentist will then decide to use the filling that suits the patients.

Types of Dental Fillings

Amalgam, this dental filling is made with the combination of metals mixture (For example Silver, copper and tin) and liquid mercury. The filling done with this material will live long; because of this property it’s the most popular choice. Because of amalgam durability, dentist use it especially for molar or cheek teeth which are used for food grinding. Additionally, this material is not too much expensive as compared to other fillings. Although this material holds benefits but it makes teeth temperature sensitive and the filling will also become stained after some time. Most of the people don’t feel comfortable with the use of mercury material but it is safe because a small amount of this substance is used in this filling.

Glass Ionomer Cement is made up of inorganic acid and glass. The filling done with this dental filling does not used for long lasting results; the purpose of using this material is that, it releases fluoride. One drawback of this filling is that it can contribute to disease of gum.

Another type of dental filling is known as “Resin Ionomer Cement” which is made from organic acid, glass and resin, and is normally used to cover small holes of teeth. This material can also not be perfect choice for the morals and cannot stay long on such surfaces.

Composite dental filling is used especially for front teeth of mouth. The life span of this filling is small, but it provides excellent strength to the affected tooth because it bonds to the tooth. Additionally the color of this material matches with the natural color of almost every patient. The max life time of this filling is round about five years.

Ceramic or Porcelain fillings are also not a great choice for long lasting results, means to say for morals. A hard bite can break this filling. The main cause of its usage is that, this material matches the actual color and look of the patient’s teeth. No temperature sensitivity issues are also attracted with this filling unlike other fillings. Treatment done using porcelain requires more than one visit.

Another material called Gold alloy is made up of gold and best suits to the patients demanding very long lasting results. The age of filling done using this material can last more than 15 years. This filling is solid and easily bears constant chewing. The main disadvantage of this filling is “electric shock possibility” if done next to the teeth having filling of silver and amalgam. The filling done with gold material is much more expensive unlike other fillings.

Along with the benefits of the dental fillings there are numerous disadvantages too. The major side effect caused by the fillings is an allergic reaction. But only few patients are receptive to these allergies. t’s recommended to visit your dentist as soon as possible in the case of allergy.


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