Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a term used for all those procedures which are used to improve appearance of the dental arcade. This is still not considered as an isolated and recognized specialty by American Dental Association and it is due to this reason that some dentists are taking advantage of this legal breach and claim to be cosmetic dentists. Any dental practitioner can call themselves as cosmetic dentist despite of their unspecified training, education and experience. But American Dental Association recognized some areas as specialties such as orthodontics in which specialists have to complete another training of three years after becoming a dentist and they can do the procedures for malocclusions, skeletal abnormalities of orofacial structures and many more. Cosmetic dentistry is considered these days the hottest field and young graduates of dentistry schools are trying their best to enter into it. Major reason behind that to be honest is the money which is present only in this part of dentistry. And as they become more confident and experienced in their practice their charges can increase a lot. Moreover, this area of dentistry is highly dependent on creativity and versatility which is liked by most of the people. We live in a highly image conscious society, where people feel happy to improve their outlook and to draw other’s attentions. Even minor things like stained teeth, slightly bended teeth and many such minor conditions are not acceptable by people in numerous challenging platforms. Small procedures of cosmetic dentistry can make these people happy and can aid in restoring their confidence. Sparkling and amazing smiles can results into numerous great compliments which are priceless. Moreover, health related teeth problems can be solved by these cosmetic procedures.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

There are several procedures in the cosmetic dentistry but most commonly practiced procedures are teeth whitening, enameloplasty, contouring, odontoplasty, dental bondings, dental bridges, veneer placements and gum lift. Teeth whitening are a whitening procedure for the stained and colored teeth and are very famous among not only celebrities but also among the common public. Enameloplasty involves removal of the unnecessary part of the enamel from front teeth and further shaping of the enamel. Crooked, chipped and crack teeth are repaired in the contouring procedure. Bonding involves application of enamel like substance on the surface of the natural teeth which gives shine and glittering look. Veneers and lumineers are shields made of porcelain material and are used to improve the outlook of the teeth. In short, these very small procedures can improve the appearance of teeth and are very popular among the people. There are several benefits of cosmetic procedures. First of all, results that these procedures exhibit are very obvious and noticeable. People with slightly chipped and broken teeth can get the benefits of these minor procedures and can restore their confident and impressive smile. Secondly, dental signs of aging can be hided very successfully by these procedures. Thirdly, dental problems such as trauma, infections and many hereditary abnormalities can be treated by some of these procedures. Fourthly, Attractive facial appearance can be obtained to improve your physical profile and it can also aid to initiate and improve your relationships. Fifthly, these procedures do not need several dentist visits, you can get your desired results in couple of visits and recovery time in most of the procedures is very short.

Price of Cosmetic Dentistry

Despite the above mentioned advantages, there are several disadvantages including its price. Procedures in the cosmetic dentistry are expensive. Natural enamel is lost in most of the procedures and the teeth are vulnerable to more staining if not looked after properly. In some individuals, sensitivities may be experienced. Limited experience and improper proceedings can lead to certain complications such as infection and tooth loss but this rarely happens. I am including the prices of different dental cosmetic procedures to aware the reader about the average cost for these procedures but cost may vary from place to place. Teeth whitening procedures may cost from $400-$700. Porcelain crowns can cost up to $900 per crown and it can also be increased depending upon the facility and the dentist you are visiting for this procedure. Molar fillings can cost you up to $200 to $400. Bonding of the incisors may cost you up to $1500, depending on the experience of the dentist. Moreover, complete braces treatment for teeth alignment range from $4000 to $8000. You might notice that there is huge variation among the prices of same cosmetic procedures. So, you should have the detailed knowledge of all the dental surgeries around your town and double check the prices with all of them and also have a look about the expertise they have in their surgeries and pick well reputed surgery with affordable price. Conclusively, cosmetic dentistry is backbone of dental sciences in the dental practices and people now have options for having white and glistening teeth even at the age of 60. These dentists are very experienced and the work they do can give you more confident and impressive smile. Now, restoration of healthy and whitish smile is not a dream and simple cosmetic procedures can bring excellent results.


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