Composite Bonding

Composite bondingis a superb process for the front teeth minor imperfections like stains and chips. This method also includes the fill of teeth gaps called diastemas. Though Periodontal and oral hygiene is as good that no cosmetic dentistry method can take its place, dental bonding method have strength of brighten your smile easily and in short time period.

Composite resin is applied to the tooth in this method and after that shaped and sculpted to warp the damaged area of the tooth or cover the gap by filling it. As we all know the natural color of the human teeth is not same, depending on this property of human teeth this material also come in various shades, and the color that matches is used for the treatment. This procedure does not require much time; you just need a single visit for this method. Plus this method is inexpensive as compared to the other tooth treatment methods.

Composite Bonding Process

Your dentist will ask you about the required changes desired by you during the consultation. After having all details from you he/she will tell you about various available options, the method itself, and the risks and limitations associated with this method. Dentist will surely consider your medical history and also examine your teeth and gums. In this methods sometimes dentist may take pictures before treatment and also guides you regarding how get ready for the procedure. You must avail this opportunity of gaining knowledge by asking questions about the method. By doing this you can feel yourself in a position to select best option by having some comparison of risks and benefits of these options.

Before starting the procedure some roughening and contouring of the tooth is done by the dentist, in order to prepare the tooth for the treatment. After that a conditioning solution and agent called bonding agent, both act as strong adhesive in order to ensure that compound will adhere. After this putty-like tooth is with the color of composite material will be applied by the dentist for the correction of problematic area by sculpting it. In order achieve the required results many layers of composite material are required.  A very high intensity light is used to cure the material applied on the teeth (some time a chemical is used for this purpose).  After all these activities tooth is polished and smoothen by the dentist to bring it to natural contour.

Only one visit is required for the composite bonding, but only if case is not complicated. The time required by one visit depends upon the condition of the teeth and also on requirements. And one important thing which every patient desire to know is that, how much pain he/she will have to bear. This method is virtually without pain, though you have to bear some discomfort while roughening of the tooth. Some sensitivity may be experienced by you in the treated tooth, for some weeks after having the treatment.

Maintaining Your Composite Bonding

If you want to maintain the results of the procedure you must have to practice oral hygiene. For you convince some important information is also added in this article which is that, you must have to brush or floss your teeth on regular basic, secondly visit your dentist regularly for dental hygienist, thirdly use gentle toothpaste which is recommend by your dentist, fourthly eat hard like apple and carrots by slicing them and lastly do not chew hard things like pencils or fingernails.

This procedure is followed by the dentist in case of minor imperfections, and if you desire to resolve some structural problem of your tooth or having multiple teeth problem then your dentist must recommend another procedure called porcelain veneers or some other restoration teeth method. Where there are many benefits of composite bonding, some limitations and risks are associated with it. For your knowledge many bacteria lies in the mouth and many varied level of pressure and temperature have been experienced by your mouth, risks are attracted to almost all types of dental restorations. Cleaning and good oral hygiene of your teeth is necessary as much as possible. The risk associated with this procedure can be minimized if you follow all the instructions given to you by the dentist.

Another important thing which every patient is conscious about is cost, approximately $300 to $600 is charged for composite bonding depending upon the nature of case. But some other expenses are also attracted with this procedure.

You must select experienced and trained dentist for your treatment. It is recommended to have a treatment from cosmetic dentist. So before selecting a dentist please verify his/her repute and discuss the matter with the person who already experienced this procedure and doctor. A candidate is considered to be an ideal one who is enjoying good oral health, physically healthy, do not smoke, wanted to improve his appearance and have realistic exceptions.


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