Dentist Prices in Australia

Australian Dentist Prices

All dentists in Australia need to be registered with the Dental Board of Australia, so check that this is the case before you get any dental work carried out in Australia.

Dental health care in Australia unfortunately is not generally free to the population unless you are under the age of 11 (12 in some places). Also emergency dentistry, most general dentistry, and some specialised dental care is available to eligible people including most pensioners, or recipients of benefits from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, and dependent children of Health Care Card holders.

For most people however you have to pay for your dental health care in Australia, either through a dental insurance scheme (often a company benefit), or simple by paying as you go.

Typical dentist prices in Australia are given below (in Australian Dollars).

Dental work required Type Average Price
Apiectomy $1100
Dental Crown Gold $1750
Dental Crown Porcelain $2500
Dentures Full $3000
Hygiene Clean $75
Implants $4666
Large tooth filling $300
Large tooth filling White $375
Root canal $1125
Small tooth filling White $156
Tooth Extraction $250
Veneer $1600
Whitening $150


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